About us

After 18 years of experience in snowboard, Raffaele create new project for your future, with his friend Andrea, names TwentyNine. Not more the usual snowboard and skate shop, but a true point of meeting and aggregation, a place for compare various style and for those want to move first step in amazing world of snowboarding.

TwentyNine has more fans in all Abruzzo's resort, in center of Italy, and with them make party for all winter season.

Friends of this project are two guys: Gianluca and Daniele, their living of snowboard and think to create online snowboard shop with their professionality in the world of Internet and the e-commerce.

The dream became real when it was presented to TwentyNine's crew and togheter have made life at Snowboard4me.com, perfect mix of Twentynine's experience and creative ideas of Gianluca and Daniele.
In this website we use the best online shopping technology with the most protected payment system in the world.

It's time to entry in the amazing world of snowboarding from main door: Snowboard4me.com.

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