How-To shopping

The first step, like a real shop, you are in front of shop window:


If you aren't interested for shop window your could choose from main menu:

Main menu

Selectively you will go in your wished zone, like a real shop. The second step is refine your first choice, with buttons on the left and without boring delay, will see results with your preference, classified in this mode:

  • Categories
  • Product features
  • Season
  • Tag (only for snowboard section)
  • Brand
  • Color 

Products menu

If the results are too many, you can move with the number buttons placed on the top of results page, without lose your previous choices.


Now it's time for choose and see specifications of your product, you can put it into cart, comment or share it on social networks. Your choice doesn't like? No problem, return to the previous pages or start again on main menu.


You are really interesting for buy it? Put it on Cart, is so simple! Click on "Buy it" button and will see summary of your cart. The shipping cost is calculated based on weight and your address. If more services will be available for shipment to your country, you can choose the fast or economic one.

Shipping options

You can choose to purchase from anonymous or registered account. sell for rider or everyone who want wear an other style, if you would log in with your Facebook account click on the Facebook Button on the top of website and you are in! Easy, right?

Your account

Now it's time to pay. How? With your credit card or Paypal account and now click on checkout button at cart section.

Secure checkout

After click you will go on protected and guaranteed Paypal website and you will choose between two mode of payment, previously described:


  1. Payment with credit card, you must insert credit card data.
  2. Payment with your PayPal account, insert mail and password of your Paypal account.

Chosen and confirmed the payment, you will return on Snowboard4me website and we will confirm the purchase.

You will also receive an email with summary of your order and if necessary also will be sent the information to access your private area on our website, for see tracking number of your shipment.

<immagine riepilogo e conferma ordine sul sito>

Easy and fast as you want.